Tweet Its not just the iPad getting there but Apple just released its newest version of iTunes, the iTunes 9.1 with the impending release of the iPad, the timing was just right. The release does come with the iTunes all souped up to take on the iPad and having features specific for the iPad. Some […]

Tweet An era is ending at Apple with Tony Fadell, the visionary for the ipod with contributions in iphone, leaving the company after 9 years. He was the adviser to Steve Jobs. He was the senior vice president and head of the iPod division for the company until November 2008. […]

Tweet Serious gamers and serious hackers and serious tweakers, everyone seems to be not-so-happy with the new Sony PS3 update. The update removes the opeion to add your own OS to the PS3. The new update would give users the ability to use mass storage but would remove the “Install […]


Tweet Finally we will have the option to get an iPhone and use it with any provider. Apple is reportedly developing yet another version of the iPhone for launch this summer. That’s not just it, the company is making a CDMA version of the iPhone that will work with Verizon […]

Tweet Since Oracle’s acquisition of Sun, changes were imminent. Solaris 10, the official stable version of Sun’s UNIX operating system is no longer free. The users have to now purchase a contract. Sun used to offer Solaris for free for commercial use making it a choice for many industries, especially those […]

Tweet Technology is changing and improving just about every day. New technologies are either made popular by media and by consumers but there are some gadgets that might have missed our eye. Here are some.

Tweet Datacenters are growing at an exponential rate in the US and around the world. Greenpeace, a non governemental organization with its offices in about 40 countries aiming to conserve the planet and its natural resources is calling on IT gaints such as Google, Apple and Facebook to use renewable resources […]

Tweet Its Tuesday Morning and I hope this is not a rumor! Google Chrome is out to resuce Adobe before Apple conspires to kill it. A common enemy makes friends and Google is out to get Apple by bundling flash in its chrome.

Tweet As the saying goes, “if you can’t fight them, join them”, Mazda has licensed the hybrid technology from Toyota. Toyota will provide the technology to Mazda who has been its rival but under strict licensing terms. Mazda plans to roll out the hybrids by Jan 2013. Mazda has been out of […]

Tweet Gaming is going to get as real as it can be. Students at Pennsylvania University have developed a gaming vest that lets you feel every shot and every force that you play against in a computer game. Most of the games these days involve first man shooter and fights and […]