Tweet Most of the websites use Flash in one way or the other, from pretty presentations to ads. But if you have been an iPhone user you would know that the Apple’s safari browser does not support Adobe flash. This could be a huge turn off for an iPad enthusiast […]

Tweet Leaked news is confirmed! Apple today said that the iPad will be launched this Saturday at 9AM at its stores. It also confirmed that the iPad will be available for sale at other third party retailers pointing out Best buy. Some of the stores don’t open early but it […]


Tweet Apple and google never seemed friends, especially when Apple rejected Google’s voice app but let Line2 use its app and not that the Android ‘vs’ iPhone war is all out in the open, but on Friday Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs were spotted drinking coffee together.

Tweet Have you heard this yet? “A little $1 iPhone app with the potential to shake up an entire industry”, as described by The New York Times, Line2, being built by Toktumi, is an amazing new app that rivals AT&T. It not only turns your iPhone into a better phone […]

Tweet Is a worthy iPad competitor here? OpenTablet 7, made by OpenPeak, will be sold by U.S. operator AT & T. Equipped with a 7-inch touch screen and the ability to be placed on a flat surface the, the opentablet comes with the Intel Atom processor which uses the Intel Moorestown platform packing […]

Tweet Behold the GTX 480! NVIDIA sees the 3D revolution and has come up with their very own 3DTV play software technology that lets a  GeForce GPU-powered computer to a 3D television. This lets a user play either 3 games or be completely immersed in 1 game over three different […]


Tweet This is so new that it freaked me out! Now I have to be careful where I browse using my iPhone. At the security company TippingPoint which owns and organizes the security competition Pwn2Own under a Zero day initiative, iphone was reportedly hacked in less than half a minute, thankfully it […]

Tweet News is that the US Army is meeting up with Apple to discuss the application of hand held devices in the battlefield. The army is increasingly wanting to move away from big screens to small, intelligent devices with Apple leading the way.


Tweet Ready for tonight’s hockey game in 3D? Cablevision, one of the cable tv providers teamed up with RealD to provide 3D programming and will debut with tonight’s hockey game in 3D from Madison Square Garden. With the news that Samsung and other players are soon to introduce 3D tv’s […]


Tweet The wait for the 4G enabled phone is over. The HTC Evo was finally announced on March 23rd and is set to be released in early summer. The HTV Evo, codenamed Supersonic, runs on the Android operating system with 2 cameras, an 8 megapixel in the back and a […]