Tweet As the release of the iPad 3 nears and Apple finishes its preparations, we’re get a clearer picture of what it is likely to look like and what features it will have. We know it’s likely to have a modified radio to consolidate models and a Retina display in […]

Tweet PayPal is using smartphone-crazy Singapore to trial an interesting initiative which allows phone owners to buy goods on the go using a QR code reader application. The experiment is taking place at 15 stations on the country’s metro system (SMRT) where the eBay-owned payment company is showcasing gifts from […]

Tweet Samsung announced recently that they will be releasing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Samsung Galaxy Note before the end of quarter one, which would mean the end of March at the latest. Now it would appear that we may have a […]

Tweet That's twice in two days. Yesterday, security firm Zvelo discovered a potential exploit against rooted phones. Today, tech blog TheSmartphoneChamp discovered how to accomplish the same feat on non-rooted phones. While yesterday's exploit required you to crack encrypted files, today's requires you to simply clear the data in the […]

Tweet When large airliners approach an airport for a landing, a combination of radio signals and high-intensity lighting shows the pilot exactly where the runway is, even at night or in fog. But millions of people a year fly on smaller commercial planes, many private, that do not have such […]

Tweet It was revealed by WSJ yesterday that Google may be making its own wireless audio system and also its own hardware. The unnamed system has been in the works for years, would share at least music throughout the home. It would be sold directly under Google’s brand, including the speakers, but […]

Tweet Youtube is coming up with a new concept called the “YouTube Slam“. The project pits two videos against one another in a “hot or not” style competition. The site lets you watch two videos and decide which one is better, or in the case of comedy, funnier. That project […]

Tweet Oracle has agreed to acquire the Taleo Corporation, a maker of Web-based human resources management software, for $1.9 billion as it continues to bolster its presence in so-called cloud services. The transaction comes amid intensifying competition in the enterprise services sector between Oracle and SAP, both of which are […]

Tweet The life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has been picked over extensively since his death in October from complications related to pancreatic cancer. Countless news articles, obituaries, remembrances, and, of course, Walter Isaacson’s biography followed in the immediate wake of his passing. Now comes some insight from a more […]

Tweet The Archos 101 G9 is a 10 inch tablet with Android 3.2 Honeycomb software and a dual core processor. Last year the company introduced a version with a 1 GHz TI OMAP 4 processor, but recently a 1.2 GHz Turbo model also hit the streets. Now you can also […]