Tweet We have seen computers, cars and almost everything go high tech. Generations have moved with such a pace that we cant recall what all have gone high tech. Well now has come the time for the rubbish bins. Yes, its true! Ahead of the 2012 Olympics, London has installed […]

Tweet Microsoft's reworked version of its Flight series will be available to download for free worldwide on February 29. The Hawaiian Adventure Pack that includes another plane, additional missions and territory, will also be available that day for download, though it'll cost 1600 Microsoft Points. Microsoft wants to broaden the […]

Tweet After China and the US, India is the third largest internet market in the world. But India has philosophically aligned itself more with China in pursuing a policy of censorship toward publication of content deemed “offensive” or “objectionable” by individuals, groups or the government. A recently enacted law seeks […]

Tweet Businesses are struggling to keep up with the amazing changes of Facebook but are also diverting their focus on increasing their fan base. Because of some of the changes, strategies you used just last month to increase your “likes” and interactions with fans may not be as effective. Here […]

Tweet Millions of pacemakers have been successfully implanted in the past half century to regulate erratic heartbeats, but the electrical leads, which connect the device to the heart, complicate the surgery and increase infection risks. The heart's continuous and vigorous beating also creates strain on the leads and can damage […]

Tweet An alien planet found is the best candidate yet to harbor water, and possibly even life, on its surface has been found around a nearby star as claimed by scientists The planet is located in the habitable zone of its host star, which is a narrow circumstellar region where […]

Tweet Every machine that runs on a battery need to recharge, be it from an electric shaver to ipod. Do we have a way to make this go away. Well, I cant assure for every machine but surely the future robot generation will be free from this hassle. Tomorrow’s new […]

Tweet Facebook is running into some issues with its privacy again and this may not be good especially when its IPO is around the corner. It has been discovered to the astonishment of a vast majority of users who had deleted their facebook pictures almost 3 years ago, that their […]