koran_rackspace_terry_jonesThe Pastor from a Florida church who is at the height of a controversy over burning the copies of the Koran to mark the ninth anniversary of the September 11 attacks had his website forcibly taken down by their hosting company. San Antonio based Rackspace Hosting was hosting the church’s website and took them down late Wednesday citing violation of its contract regarding hate speech.

Rackspace said that the company received complaints which indicated the violation of its acceptable use policy. Rackspace spokesman Dan Goodgame however did not specifically point out what material violated their policies but said that the church was asked to change the content to avoid being taken down.

When the church refused to do so Rackspace allowed the church time to move the website to another hosting company before taking it down. Goodgame said, “They made clear they were going to continue doing what they were doing.”

Rackspace maintains that the reason for taking down the site was purely business. Goodgame said. “It’s strictly a business matter and a contract matter for us.” “We’re not trying to restrict any one’s free speech rights We just feel that as a business we have the right to set rules,” he said.

You can visit their archived site here.