church_spaceLooks like the Pope’s astronomer Mr. Guy Consolmagno knows a lot about aliens than any other astronomer. It was reported by the Daily Mail that the Pope’s astronomer said in a speech that he believes that aliens exist and they most certainly have souls.

The speech was given at the British Science Festival where Consolmagno said that he was comfortable with the idea that intelligent life exists on other planets and said that it was unlikely that we would ever find any or have any kind of direct communication with them. He said “God is bigger than just humanity and the god of angels,” and said that every being, be it human or alien has a soul.

Consolmagno also said that he would actually be willing to “baptise” any alien and convert it to Christianity if they desired. The Vatican has 12 astronomers and Consolmango is one of them who also works as the curator of a meteorite collection that the Pope has.

Just imagine space ships docking to floating Church Satellites in Space. You may still have to suit up to get into that confession booth! You can read the entire article here.