If this were a rumour then we would know but some of the Swedish retailers were reported to be listing a price for theproject-natal-xbox-360-4 Microsoft’s project Natal and was seen to be around $200 which is way overpriced!

Considering the fact that in Europe the prices might be a little higher than in the U.S., this is still quite expensive for an Xbox 360 add-on. With Xbox 360 itself being close to $300, shelling out another $200 does not sound like a great idea.

Many of the enthusiastic gamers had anticipated, from reviewing the ads and from the competitive market, the price of project Natal would be around $50 which sounds pretty decent for an add-on, but then again this too is a rumour and not a set price.

If Microsoft hopes to make Project Natal a success, the pricing of the product will play a key role in getting it all over the market. Lets hope it does not cost as much as another xbox!