ALICE-LHC-ExperimentThis is exciting but can this really happen? US researchers believe they are one step closer to creating time travel. Researchers from the Vanderbilt University said that they believe they could use the Large Hadron Collider to send types of matter called the Higgs matter into the past.

Researchers say this theory does have a down side that they are unsure if Higgs particle or also called as Higgs singlet actually exists and if the machine can produce it. According to a report by AP, the LHC is supposed to create the Higgs Boson particle and if it does that the Higgs singlet may also appear. Higgs Boson is also called the God Particle but was never supposed to be there without its Singlet.

Scientists say that the singlet may be able to jump through space and time and travel through a hidden dimension and re-enter our dimension forward or backward in time. Graduate fellow Chui Man said that using a singlet to travel through time avoids all the major paradoxes which include things such as things that will let you travel through time and change things in the past.

However Scientists said that time travel was limited and it might not be possible atleast in near future for man to be able to travel back in time. Simple tasks such as sending SMS Text messages into past can be achieved with the singlet.