Tweet The first Windows 8 inch tablet with an 8 inch screen is now available for pre-order. The Acer Iconia W3 has a list price of $380 and if you pre-order from Office Depot you can grab a model with 32GB of storage for $350. If you need something bigger, Amazon has a 64GB […]

Tweet Acer today announced what is likely to be the first of many smaller-screen Honeycomb tablets to hit store shelves, Acer on Friday is launching its seven-inch Iconia A100 line of tablets. The new tablets run Android 3.2, the first version of Honeycomb to support the smaller screen resolution. Huawei […]

Tweet Who does not love ultra light, slim laptops? Laptops such as the Apple Air have got a great deal of the market since their light and slim design is extremly portable.  Under pressure from computer manufacturer’s, Intel is said to be delaying the processors for Ultra thin laptops. The delay is to accomodate the […]