Tweet We had reported earlier that Amazon was working on Kindle lending system where Kindle books can be checked out from libraries. Well this has finally happened! Amazon kicked off its Kindle lending library which allows Kindle and Kindle app users to borrow Amazon’s e-books from thousands of libraries across […]

Tweet Amazon today launched Kindle Cloud Reader as a way to counter Apples restriction. After reinforcing rules in its App Store, Apple saw to it that Amazon’s Kindle application would stop allowing customers to buy books from within the app. With the introduction of an HTML5-coded web app that does […]

Tweet Amazon today announced that its famous e-reader, the Kindle is going to be $50 cheaper and will have ads to make up for the difference. The new ad-supported Kindle would cost $139 only which is pretty cheap. You will now be able to get a free 3G mobile networking […]

Tweet Now this is getting really interesting. It is being reported that Amazon will be allow library lending with other e-readers which will enable Kindle library book lending. Amazon is working with a company called Overdrive to make this happen and this will allow Kindle users to be able to […]

Tweet Today Amazon released a press note which said that Amazon’s smartest and the lightest kindle ebook reader till date is the best selling product at Amazon. Sales of Kindle 3 have surpassed Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows book sales at amazon. This is the only product in Amazon’s history […]


Tweet We do know that Amazon is building the kindle app for ipad and other tablets and is set to take over the market in the second part of 2010. It is made official on Amazon’s official page where it declares that the app is coming out for all tablets while […]