Tweet Amazon is growing fast. But that growth is outpacing its ability to make money, if the company’s quarterly results are any indication. Virtually every area of the company experienced double-digit growth over the same period a year earlier. Net sales were up 35% to $17.4 billion in total revenue. […]

Tweet Netflix is making money regardless of their recent non-renewal of Starz contract and now Amazon is working with publishers about a Netflix style e-book service which would allow customers to access a library of content for a one time set price per month! The service would be a little […]

Tweet It was reported today that Apple was suing for trademark infringement over the use of the term “App Store”. Apple filed the complaint at the US District Court for the Northern California District on Friday that says that Apple wants Amazon to stop using “AppStore” referring to its […]

Tweet iPad is out and now people are scrambling to try out the thousands of apps it offers. While the iBookstore is good enough to let you not upgrade to another app there sure are some free ebook reader apps available out there.