Tweet It’s back to the school season and consumer electronic brands are trying to hard to offer the best deals. Barnes & Nobles is offering student discounts deal that aims to offer enticing discounts on Nook and other B&N products this season. The latest discount offers Nook consumers $100 worth […]


Tweet At the end of October, Barnes & Noble introduced its Android based color e-reader called the Nook Color. It came with a 7″ device and runs Android 2.1 but was restricted to be run as simply a Nook e-book reader. Today it was all good news as Barnes & Noble is […]

Tweet Looks like Nook color e-book reader is a success and Barnes & Noble say that they have already shipped more than a million in 2010. This is a huge number considering it was released in mid November this year. Not just that but Inventec is also expected to process […]

Tweet Barnes and Noble’s launched a new Nook at a special even in New York City. The Nook Color is being called a hybrid tablet and will be a color e-reader. It has a full color 7” LCD screen which is impressive. It has built-in WiFi and runs Android. The […]

Tweet The iPad is yet to be out but the race is on for the first of the iPad apps. Not having an iPad to touch has not stopped many of the programmers from creating the apps already for the iPad. In the first months of its release getting the apps […]