Tweet What a shocker, in a press release Apple has confirmed that former CEO and visionary Steve Jobs has passed away today at the age of 56. This news is in just a little over a month of Jobs stepping down from being the Apple CEO and handing over operations […]


Tweet There is huge news today! To many analysts surprise AT&T announced that it was buying out T-Mobile USA in a definitive agreement with Deutsche Telekom. The price for the entire acquisition is about $39 Billion! This acquisition will make AT&T not just larger but infact right past Verizon. AT&T […]

Tweet Steve Jobs today announced in a company wide email that he was taking indefinite leave of absence from his duties as the CEO of Apple due to his health. He is said to want to focus back on improving his health which rumors suggest has been deteriorating lately. This […]


Tweet Now how about that? A filament that is thinner than a human hair but will hold twice the charging capacity of today’s lithium-ion battery! Scientists at the Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque, New Mexico have created a filament that is thinner than human hair to hold twice the charge […]

Tweet Looks like contradictory to the approache followed by security experts around the world in pursuing a cyber attack, Iran has a “weird” way of dealing with such cases. It was reported by its state-run Mehr news agency that Iranian authorities were rounding up people who distributed the worm that […]