Tweet This July you will get to see the scariest magazine cover in the history. BCC Worldwide’s science and technology magazine Focus is using technology to really really scare you! The technology being used is called augmented reality which will literally make your skin crawl! The front cover of the […]

Tweet Yesterday Google unveiled its Android 2.2 OS  codenamed Froyo at the I/O developer conference. This new version comes loaded with some impressive improvements and enhancements that will boost the Android OS to a whole new level.


Tweet Isn’t it funny to see when a new product or trend starts on the internet, every other giant is behind it with their own version! Now that Twitter is a success, atleast from a trend prespective, Yahoo is ramping up its game to push for its micro-blogging service.

Tweet Microsoft is working with a new technology that lets us use our hands as touchscreens to send commands to a computer. Named Skinput, the device, is being built with help from researchers at the Carnegie Mellon University and Microsoft. Skinput is really an interesting concept and technology. It uses […]