Tweet Okay so get this, Facebook may be reading your text messages from your mobile devices. Looks like everytime I update their app, I am allowing more ways for Facebook to spy on me! It was revealed that Facebook can access a user’s text messages but Facebook today was quick to […]

Tweet After China and the US, India is the third largest internet market in the world. But India has philosophically aligned itself more with China in pursuing a policy of censorship toward publication of content deemed “offensive” or “objectionable” by individuals, groups or the government. A recently enacted law seeks […]

Tweet Businesses are struggling to keep up with the amazing changes of Facebook but are also diverting their focus on increasing their fan base. Because of some of the changes, strategies you used just last month to increase your “likes” and interactions with fans may not be as effective. Here […]

Tweet I dare you to Facebook Like or even comment on this post. You can’t, because the Facebook Javascript API, the backend system which allows developer applications and Facebook’s own apps like Likes and Comments to communicate with the data available on the social network, is down, and has been […]

Tweet The wait is over. Facebook is looking to raise $5 billion— and will mint hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of employees as millionaires in the process. You can find its S-1 embedded below, or right here. Rumors of Facebook’s public offering have been swirling for years, and have long been […]

Tweet Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, PayPal and others are working together on a standard that can be used across the Internet for blocking phishing e-mails. The 15 companies will be announcing on Monday, which stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance–a system for verifying that e-mails are coming […]

Tweet Facebook today heckled Google asking it not be evil and focus on the user. It was being reported that Google now was forcing users to sign up for Google+ accounts if they wanted to open a new gmail account. This is seen as an aggressive way to increase its […]

Tweet Facebook today started rolling out another feature called the “Listen With” where you can chat and listen to the same song while chatting. This latest advancement within Facebook appears to have taken that to the next level, by letting you engage in a chat conversation with friends whilst listening […]

Tweet There is an interesting yet non-surprising report out that says that the government is having CIA closely monitor Facebook and Twitter. Kimberly Dozier of the Associated Press reported on a secret CIA facility in Virginia whose sole purpose is to scan through social networking sites such as Facebook and […]

Tweet Facebook is facing some tough music in Europe. After being infamous for not respecting privacy of its users, the European Data Protection is forcing Facebook to become more transparent about the user data it holds. Turns out Facebook isn’t really immune from the European laws! Facebook’s Section 18 of […]