Tweet Facebook is running into some issues with its privacy again and this may not be good especially when its IPO is around the corner. It has been discovered to the astonishment of a vast majority of users who had deleted their facebook pictures almost 3 years ago, that their […]

Tweet Facebook today heckled Google asking it not be evil and focus on the user. It was being reported that Google now was forcing users to sign up for Google+ accounts if they wanted to open a new gmail account. This is seen as an aggressive way to increase its […]

Tweet Facebook today started rolling out another feature called the “Listen With” where you can chat and listen to the same song while chatting. This latest advancement within Facebook appears to have taken that to the next level, by letting you engage in a chat conversation with friends whilst listening […]

Tweet Today Inquirer reported that Facebook users were hit with with a number of offensive and inappropriate images that they did not request. Reports suggest that the images have appeared in users’ news feeds without their permission and are rather foul in subject. “It isn’t presently clear precisely how the […]

Tweet There is an interesting yet non-surprising report out that says that the government is having CIA closely monitor Facebook and Twitter. Kimberly Dozier of the Associated Press reported on a secret CIA facility in Virginia whose sole purpose is to scan through social networking sites such as Facebook and […]


Tweet Wow, this is simply amazing! Facebook today has officially hit 1 trillion page views accodring to the figures released for web traffic in June by Time magazine’s TechLand column reports. According to Time there were around 870 million visitors which is 120 million greater than Facebook’s reported total number […]

Tweet Another Facebook trick? Facebook is making its move into the mobile instant messaging market with a standalone app for iPhone and Android called Facebook Messenger. It is set to provide competition for platform-specific apps like Research In Motion’s BBM and Apple’s iMessage, as well as the messaging elements of […]

Tweet TechCrunch reported earlier today that there was a secret iPad version of Facebook’s iOS app hidden inside its currently available iPhone version. We will show you how to get to it! Well, seeing as it clearly wasn’t designed for public use quite yet, it’s slightly tricky to access. We […]