Tweet Okay this is wicked cool! Gameloft, a big-name developer for Android and iOS, are putting a big portion of their games on sale for the new year. For the iPhone and iPad, they’re offering 21 titles, including Tom Clancy’s Rainbox Six: Shadow Vanguard, The Settlers (a personal favourite), Splinter […]

Tweet Its gaming time again and the Syndicate game franchise which was launched by Electronic Arts in the 1990s is making a comeback. EA announced today it is working with developer Starbreeze Studios for the sci-fi themed game series. The new Syndicate will be a first person shooter game. It’s […]

Tweet This is the closest and coolest thing yet! Augmented reality using an iPad! A new iPad 2 game called Ball invasion might well be worth a look. Ball invasion allows you to interact with your home or surroundings in a totally new way even allowing you to bounce balls […]

Tweet A recent industry wide survey revealed that dedicated gaming devices are loosing the battle to smart phones. The research was discussed at the Game Developers Conference. The number of DS’s and PSPs sold were at a all time low as many gamers were choosing to spend their dollars on […]

Tweet Today, a new market research report was released which said that the iPhone made up a large and growing percentage of handheld gaming devices in the market. The report said dedicated gaming devices in the market such as Nintendo DS and Sony PSP was slowly decreasing while Apple’s iPod […]

Tweet This will be the Netflix for gaming? Onlive today has released its game-streaming microconsole to consumers for $99. And starting January 15 you will be able to subscribe all you can play game subscription for $10 a month! With your subscription you get unlimited play time for over 40 […]