Tweet Finally! Libya is back online. The recent rebel uprisings against the country’s long time leader Moammar Gadhafi was the reason Libya cut its Internet connectivity to stop using people and rebels from accessing social media sites to spread the word. Now after months of downtime, the internet access is […]

Tweet Microsoft today said that its new Internet Explorer 9 web browser has been downloaded over 2 million times in just 24 hours! Microsoft released IE9 this week at the South by Southwest conference in Texas and was hoping to beat the browser wars against Google, Mozilla, Apple and Opera. […]

Tweet Today Microsoft revealed a new feature that will be shipped with Internet Explorer 9. This new feature helps users avoid any kind of online tracking which is now widespread on the web. The new Internet explorer 9 will show you which third-party content is permitted and which to prohibit. […]


Tweet Looks like Verizon is miles ahead of Google in offering 1GB Internet connectivity. Verizon tested its 10Gbps symmetrical fiber-optics called FiOS connection at Elks Lodge in Taunton, Massachusetts.┬áThe lodge is already a customer of Verizon FiOS and volunteered to be a test site where Verizon engineers demonstrated the 10Gbps […]


Tweet Its a known fact that millions of low-income Americans don’t use the Internet and a reason behind that is that they cannot afford it. Apart from that there is also an issue of reaching the far remote corners of each state in an attempt to provide broadband services, the […]