Tweet Looks like now technology is catching up faster than you think! A Canadian man who realized he forgot his passport as he approached the U.S. border found a new way to gain entry – his iPad. Martin Reisch said Tuesday a slightly annoyed U.S. border officer let him cross […]

Tweet Techeye today morning reported that Apple has just received a patent which brings in AI to the iPads allowing it to recognize and react to the owner of the iPad. The patent allows Apple to build a system where the iPad can intelligently use it's forward camera and recognize its […]

Tweet Looks like iPad 3 is causing more trouble to the manufacturers than anticipated. It was reported that manufacturer’s were unable to keep up with the massive upgrade from the iPad 2. iPad 3 is said to be twice as fast and included a front and back camera and is […]

Tweet The report by 60 minutes on CBS brought in lot of new information. Issacson who wrote the book about Steve Jobs after conducting many interviews said that the legends met one last time before Steve’s death. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates met close to his final days where the […]

Tweet ARS is reporting a possible move by Apple to kill its iPod classic range! Apple’s line of iconic music players has seemingly been demoted in favor of iOS. With the fast approaching ten-year anniversary of the introduction of the original iPod—a milestone that highlights the iPod’s incredible success over […]

Tweet Market analysts are all excited about Amazon’s new plans to sell its new Android tablet. Rumors are that Amazon will sell its Android tablet for about $200 less than the Apple iPad. The market has seen the potential of cheap tablets after HP’s failed TabletPc that went viral after […]

Tweet Now readers around the world can view the manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Arundel in high definition on iPad as the British Library launches its ‘e-book treasures’ series. The Italian manuscript written in Da Vinci’s characteristic ‘mirror writing’ – left-handed and moving from right to left – is […]

Tweet Tired of using your iPad as a tablet, now a company offers you an option to actually turn your iPad into a full blown laptop PC! The Crux 360 iPad case lets you convert your iPad into a Tablet PC. This multi purpose iPad accessory adds a physical keyboard […]