Tweet Today iDB reported about a cool concept video sporting not one but two home buttons for the new iPhone 5 that is rumored to be here by March! This concept video shows an iPhone 5 sporting not one, but two home buttons, right on the sides of the screen. […]

Tweet Today app developers for the iPhone took a hard look at the iOS 5.1 beta 2 which showed Apple getting ready for quad core processing in their devices which is simply a marvel of engineering! The A5 chip in the latest iPhone and iPad models supports dual-core processing only. […]

Tweet Here we go again! Another day and another iPhone 5 rumor. Seriously this might really not be iPhone 5 and actually be iPhone 4GS. But what ever it is, AllThingsD is reporting that Apple has a scheduled media even for Tuesday October 4th and will be headed by the […]

Tweet Eh, another rumor another day! Now a Sprint employee reported that the iPhone 4GS will launch next month and iPhone 5 has been postponed to next spring. Thats a bummer if this is true because we had high hopes that iPhone 5 would hit the stands in October. While […]

Tweet Looks like Apple’s secrecy detail for its new iPhone 5 was blown up by one of its own. Vodafone today spilled some beans on the color and storage capacities of the iPhone 5. The first among the two is the color choices of the device, which similar to iPhone […]

Tweet The tech world is reporting today that a suspicious photo found on Wednesday may be the first instance of a photo taken with an iPhone 5. Although a 5.1-megapixel shot was taken with an iPhone 4, EXIF metadata shows that it had been cropped from its original eight-megapixel, 3264×2448 […]

Tweet iPhone 5 rumors are exploding in the market and today we have a picture of the iPhone 5! Now its up to you to decide if this seems like a genuine iPhone 5 or is it just another hoax? The high-resolution photo surfaced and it looks like these images […]

Tweet We have had Apple rumors all over the place. Now there is another one to gossip about. iPhone 5 was being expected to be launched this September and also was expected to coincide with iOS 5. However a new rumor is out that says it will actually be delayed […]

Tweet Today, two security researchers have claimed to have discovered that the iPhones and 3G-equipped iPads regularly record and store location information to a hidden file that is backed up to iTunes and is even transferred to new devices! The researchers said that although this information isn’t necessarily accessible to […]

Tweet We all know that the iPhone 4 is available in 16GB and 32GB but a leak today out of China showed that Apple might introduce a new 64GB iPhone 4. The leak comes from the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen where the 64GB iPhone 4 was spotted. There are more […]