Tweet iPhone 5 rumors are heating up beyond what anyone can take. The latest iPhone rumors say that the phone will be out in Summer 2012 and will have a larger form factor and possibly a 4 inch display! The display is rumored to be from LG. These details were […]

Tweet Apple today released the iOS 5 update that fixes the battery bugs that had been widely reported by consumers. The 5.0.1 update is relatively minor otherwise—in addition to the battery life bugs it is also set to improve voice recognition for Australians using Siri. It also has added multitasking […]

Tweet Apple today said that it had no plans to extend SIRI to other iOS devices. Apple said that SIRI will only be available on iPhone 4S and beyond but will not be available on other iOS devices. This was initially reported by Michael Steeber who said that a consumer […]

Tweet Apple is having some major issues with its iPhone 4S. Today there is a reported massive nationwide Siri outage. There is no word on why this has happened but this follows Apple’s recent issue with the battery bug which caused battery problems to users. VentureBeat was the first to […]

Tweet As the iPhones and other smartphones are taking over the market, security is one key issue many are choosing to ignore. Not any more! Internet reported today that according to new research by the Georgia Institute of Technology it was actually possible to use keystrokes that could be logged […]

Tweet Rumors were warming up recently about the possibility that Sprint might sell unlocked iPhone 4S. However today Sprint has squashed such rumors and has denied even the remote possibility of anything such happening. Rumors said that Sprint might sell the Apple iPhone 4S with an unlocked Micro-SIM card slot. […]

Tweet Apple today has its latest iPhone, the iPhone 4S available for pre-orders! You can preorder iPhone 4S now and choose from the three storage variants, tThe 16GB iPhone 4S is priced at $199, the 32GB iPhone 4S is priced at $199 and the new 64GB iPhone 4S is priced […]

Tweet Here we go again! Another day and another iPhone 5 rumor. Seriously this might really not be iPhone 5 and actually be iPhone 4GS. But what ever it is, AllThingsD is reporting that Apple has a scheduled media even for Tuesday October 4th and will be headed by the […]

Tweet Samsung is continuing to fight Apple with lawsuit after lawsuit! Samsung is planning to put a block on selling iPhone 5 in Korea according to the Korea Times. Samsung is already working on a case to present in the courts to allow for a such a ban to be […]