Tweet Sony isn’t doing great these days. Today it was reported that is has registered a $2.9 billion annual loss. Most analysts think that Sony might be headed in the same direction as other major consumer goods manufacturers ended up in. Reuters said that Sony posted a disappointing $1.2 billion […]

Tweet So finally Sony woke up after the recent massive attack on the PS3 user accounts. Sony hired a former official from the US Department of Homeland Security for the new post of chief information security officer, months after a massive hacking attack leaked information on 100 million user accounts […]


Tweet After almost a month and a half of downtime, Sony’s playstation network is reported to be coming back up this week. Sony is still however working to win the trust of its customers following the massive hack in April that leaked user info and credit card information as well. […]

Tweet Sony has got itself into the music services industry with they launching Sony Music Unlimited which is a cloud-based music service that is poised to rival Apple’s iTunes. However instead of downloading music to their computers, consumers will be streaming the music from Sony’s cloud based servers. Users can […]