Tweet We reported yesterday that a court in Germany had granted Apple an injunction against Samsung, which will stop Samsung from importing the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 in to Europe. Apple has been suing a number of other smartphone manufacturers including HTC, Motorola and also Samsung, but now it would […]

Tweet Motorola’s much anticipated Xoom UK pricing was announced by PC World which is said to cost about $730 on pre-order. This is a bit pricy compared to the 32GB Wi-Fi only iPad in the UK. Xoom offers superior processing and graphics performance over the iPad but this is only […]

Tweet More details surfaced over Motorola Xoom tablet. Best Buy will be having the Xoom on sale and the rumor is that it will be out this February 24. A Best Buy leaked ad also showed that the price was set to be $800. Engadget posted the ad from Best […]