Tweet What came after 2G? 3G.. what comes after 4G?? Well 5G!   5G is a term used to describe the fifth generation of mobile networks. We know that 4G has become synonymous with LTE, but 5G networks when compared to 4G will be super fast! It’s going to be many times […]

Tweet Today Anonymous has lived up to its promise and released Symantec source code. Anonymous had been going back and forth with Symantec for some time and now via a tweet, Anonymous announced that the links for the code are in Pirate Bay and Pastebin releases. The Bittorrent link takes users to […]

Tweet This is what we all were waiting for seriously! A low priced tablet that did not break the bank and comes with an 8 inch screen. OLPC is bringing in the XO 3.0 to CES this week! The XO 3.0 tablet has been designed by Yves Behar, has a […]

Tweet Looks like RIM’s fate is sealed here. ARS reported that RIM’s slashing of its Playbook pricing is costing the company $485 million in losses. RIM has already announced last Friday that it won’t be meeting its financial targets for the year due to the unsuccessful performance of the PlayBook […]

Tweet ARS is reporting a possible move by Apple to kill its iPod classic range! Apple’s line of iconic music players has seemingly been demoted in favor of iOS. With the fast approaching ten-year anniversary of the introduction of the original iPod—a milestone that highlights the iPod’s incredible success over […]

Tweet Netflix today in a blog announced that they will be renaming their DVD by mail service into a new spin off called Qwikster. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says that the move was prompted due to the two services streaming and DVD-by-mail slowly becoming two different businesses with different models […]