Tweet Google's rumored heads-up display glasses should become real this year, insiders maintained Tuesday. Multiple staffers told the New York Times that the Android-based glasses would go on sale in 2012 and cost as much as typical smartphones, which the newspaper interpreted as between $250 to $600. Google was being […]

Tweet After China and the US, India is the third largest internet market in the world. But India has philosophically aligned itself more with China in pursuing a policy of censorship toward publication of content deemed “offensive” or “objectionable” by individuals, groups or the government. A recently enacted law seeks […]

Tweet Google faces a $660,000 fine after a French court ruling that the company is abusing its dominant position in mapping by making Google Maps free. According to The Economic Times, the French commercial court “upheld an unfair competition complaint lodged by Bottin Cartographes against Google France and its parent […]

Tweet “We’re always looking to get as close to one touch donations as we can,” Romney Campaign’s Digital Director Zac Moffat told the LATimes. Politico reports that both the Romney and Obama campaigns have started using Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s “magical” dongle, Square. Of course, you can’t pay by saying […]

Tweet One of the pesky fragmentation issues Android programmers must worry about is different screen sizes.With resolution changing from one phone to another, programmers have to figure out exactly how much room they can devote to icons, photos, video game backgrounds, dialog boxes. But, Google argues, paying the price upfront […]

Tweet Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, PayPal and others are working together on a standard that can be used across the Internet for blocking phishing e-mails. The 15 companies will be announcing on Monday, which stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance–a system for verifying that e-mails are coming […]

Tweet Good news is here for folks on Sprint who've been anxiously waiting for a first taste of LTE connectivity and Ice Cream Sandwich. Google's official Galaxy Nexus website has quietly gone live with a registration section for anyone on the Now Network who wants to be notified when the […]

Tweet Yesterday Google CEO Larry Page said that Google Plus has about 90 million users and about 60% are active daily. In the statement he said, “There are over 90 million Google+ users, well over double what I announced just a quarter ago. Plus users are very engaged with our […]

Tweet Google is finally launching the Google Wallet today after its initial introduction almost 4 months ago. Partners are receiving a notice telling them that the NFC (near-field communications) tap-to-pay service will be ready to use anywhere a MasterCard PayPass terminal is active. TechCrunch reported that the service is only […]

Tweet Looks like US Federal regulators are likely to approve Google’s deal to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5bn, leaving the main hurdle to cross in Europe with the European Commission EC.Google needs to get approval from the US Federal Trade Commission FTC, the EC, the Texas attorney general, and the […]