Tweet What came after 2G? 3G.. what comes after 4G?? Well 5G!   5G is a term used to describe the fifth generation of mobile networks. We know that 4G has become synonymous with LTE, but 5G networks when compared to 4G will be super fast! It’s going to be many times […]

Tweet The UK's average home download speed is on the rise, but it could be even faster if more users upgraded at minimal cost, according to Ofcom. November's average broadband speed was 7.6 megabits per second, up from 6.8Mbps in May, says the regulator. Upgrades offered by Virgin Media and […]


Tweet Want to make your girl friend happy? Not diamonds, not gold, its Broadband that will make her the happiest! According to a new study from a UK-based BCS, a chartered institute for IT, made a case that IT actually makes people happier especially Woman!