Tweet Today iDB reported about a cool concept video sporting not one but two home buttons for the new iPhone 5 that is rumored to be here by March! This concept video shows an iPhone 5 sporting not one, but two home buttons, right on the sides of the screen. […]

Tweet Here we go again! Another day and another iPhone 5 rumor. Seriously this might really not be iPhone 5 and actually be iPhone 4GS. But what ever it is, AllThingsD is reporting that Apple has a scheduled media even for Tuesday October 4th and will be headed by the […]

Tweet Samsung is continuing to fight Apple with lawsuit after lawsuit! Samsung is planning to put a block on selling iPhone 5 in Korea according to the Korea Times. Samsung is already working on a case to present in the courts to allow for a such a ban to be […]

Tweet So we have a rumor flying around the internet that is saying that Apple is holding an event on September 7th and could be the possible date when Apple announces new iPods and iPhone 5! Kodawarisan, a Japanese Apple site, claims it has heard from a well-placed sourcethat Apple […]

Tweet We have had Apple rumors all over the place. Now there is another one to gossip about. iPhone 5 was being expected to be launched this September and also was expected to coincide with iOS 5. However a new rumor is out that says it will actually be delayed […]

Tweet iPhone 5 rumors are going into overdrive this year and as Steve Jobs chose to skip any announcement of the device in WWDC, rumors are warming up that the next iPhone 5 or iPhone 4GS will be here in September. A reportĀ  today said that iPhone 5 will sport […]

Tweet Today DigiTimes from Taiwan reported that the next iPhone will have a curved glass display. It was reported that Apple has purchased 200 to 300 glass cutting machines to achieve this curved look for the next generation iPhone. Many are speculating that the curved display would be something similar […]


Tweet In an interview at Carnegie Hall with Sony’s CEO Howard Stringer, he eneded up giving in some details over the much anticipated iPhone 5. Howard said that the upcoming iPhone 5 will have an 8MP digital camera with a sensor that is made by Sony. However he did not […]

Tweet There is a fresh rumor making rounds that Apple’s next generation iPhone will not only be cheaper but also bigger. DigiTimes reported today that some sources had indicated that the iPhone 5 will have a 4-inch screen as opposed to the iPhone 4 that has a 3.5 inch screen. […]

Tweet Today Bloomberg had an article that directly points to the fact that the Credit Card days are numbered. Many rumors have been around that the iPad2 and the iPhone 5 will be equipped with NFC technology, short for Near Field Communications. This NFC technology will let you use your […]