Tweet Android may be the most widely adopted mobile platform, but iOS is where the real money is at. According to CNet, Samsung and Apple together accounted for 95% of mobile phone profits earned during the fourth quarter of last year, with the iPhone manufacturer taking a massive 80% of […]

Tweet Former Apple exec Bob Borcher recently gave a presentation (the video has since been removed) covering topics from marketing to the current state of the job market. During the presentation, he explained why all iPhone ads show the phone set to the same time: "If you ever see an […]

Tweet Japan's NEC will cut nearly one in ten of its workers as the iPhone continues to gobble up the market for smartphones. The company said this week that recent poor performance stemmed from the popularity of the Apple iPhone in Japan, an increase in the number of foreign rivals […]

Tweet GarageBand app was until now, only on the iPad2 but now has been introduced to iOS users who can now use the awesome app on iPhone and iPod touch. The GarageBand 1.1 app costs $4.99 and now will on the iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S […]

Tweet As the iPhones and other smartphones are taking over the market, security is one key issue many are choosing to ignore. Not any more! Internet reported today that according to new research by the Georgia Institute of Technology it was actually possible to use keystrokes that could be logged […]

Tweet Google today released a version of the Google Voice for the iPhone! The app will allow you to make international phone calls at really cheap rates and even send free text messages to US numbers. It also allows you to use voicemail transcription and Google Voice ID display. Google’s […]