Tweet Amazon is growing fast. But that growth is outpacing its ability to make money, if the company’s quarterly results are any indication. Virtually every area of the company experienced double-digit growth over the same period a year earlier. Net sales were up 35% to $17.4 billion in total revenue. […]

Tweet Amazon today announced that its famous e-reader, the Kindle is going to be $50 cheaper and will have ads to make up for the difference. The new ad-supported Kindle would cost $139 only which is pretty cheap. You will now be able to get a free 3G mobile networking […]

Tweet iPad is out and now people are scrambling to try out the thousands of apps it offers. While the iBookstore is good enough to let you not upgrade to another app there sure are some free ebook reader apps available out there.


Tweet Yes the iPad will be out this weekend but just because many of you have got iPads for themselves doesn’t mean you should. There are alternatives too, yes thats right. You will be suprised at the list so read on. 1. Apple iPad Before we get into further details […]


Tweet We do know that Amazon is building the kindle app for ipad and other tablets and is set to take over the market in the second part of 2010. It is made official on Amazon’s official page where it declares that the app is coming out for all tablets while […]