Tweet Microsoft has launched a version of Kinect, its voice and motion-controlled sensor, to work with Windows-based PCs. It joins a previous version which was designed for the company's Xbox 360 games console. The new hardware features a "near mode" which allows it to track movements as close as 40cm […]

Tweet Finally some good news for all folks out there. Microsoft just announced the Kinect SDK for Windows which will allow users to extend the Kinect application beyond the Xbox platform. By this latest announcement, Microsoft is reinventing the digital technology cycle and exploring different options. Microsoft’s Kinect sensor was […]


Tweet Looks like everyone is geared on hacing into Kinect and getting it to do things that Microsoft claims that it can’t. With Microsoft Kinect Hacks pouring in from the gaming world, its about time Microsoft takes note of its abilities. Today the hack came in from the the Institute of […]