Tweet What came after 2G? 3G.. what comes after 4G?? Well 5G!   5G is a term used to describe the fifth generation of mobile networks. We know that 4G has become synonymous with LTE, but 5G networks when compared to 4G will be super fast! It’s going to be many times […]

Tweet Good news is here for folks on Sprint who've been anxiously waiting for a first taste of LTE connectivity and Ice Cream Sandwich. Google's official Galaxy Nexus website has quietly gone live with a registration section for anyone on the Now Network who wants to be notified when the […]

Tweet Taiwan will be going LTE by 2015 completely and will get rid of its WiMax network completely. Taipei’s National Communications Commission NCC has said it will release its next lot of 4G licenses as early as 2013, which is two years earlier than it had planned. Although WiMAX is […]