Tweet Writing in its latest issue, XBW’s sources report the next Xbox “will be a matt-black media hub with a mission to bring games to life in your living room with augmented reality, directional sound, and a four-player, finger-tracking Kinect.” The mag claims Microsoft is experimenting with a tablet-like controller […]

Tweet Microsoft has launched a version of Kinect, its voice and motion-controlled sensor, to work with Windows-based PCs. It joins a previous version which was designed for the company's Xbox 360 games console. The new hardware features a "near mode" which allows it to track movements as close as 40cm […]

Tweet Microsoft is ambitious! It is reported that Microsoft has been working with researchers now for several years to have multitouch on arbitary surfaces. The project has now come out and is reported to be called OmniTouch and involves researchers from the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. OmniTouch […]

Tweet Microsoft is going all out to challenge Apple and Google’s dominance in the smartphone market. Apparantly Microsoft and Samsung have agreed to share patents in an attempt to get an edge over the superiors and to be able to introduce better products than the other two. Microsoft will receive […]


Tweet Looks like everyone is geared on hacing into Kinect and getting it to do things that Microsoft claims that it can’t. With Microsoft Kinect Hacks pouring in from the gaming world, its about time Microsoft takes note of its abilities. Today the hack came in from theĀ the Institute of […]

Tweet Datacenters are growing at an exponential rate in the US and around the world. Greenpeace, a non governemental organization with its offices in about 40 countries aiming to conserve the planet and its natural resourcesĀ is calling on IT gaints such as Google, Apple and Facebook to use renewable resources […]