Tweet This is some cool stuff. Forget the joystick, how about a Samurai sword to play with? In this cool video and they actually show you what all you need. Some electronics, a rubber thumb, a DS console and some samurai skill. The video shows a Youtube user Blaues01 playing […]

Tweet Today Nintendo announced that its much anticipated Nintendo 3DS will be available for sale starting March 27 for $249. Nintendo’s president Reggie Fils-Aime gave details and features of the glassless 3D handheld gaming device. The 3DS will be coming in with two colors, aqua blue and black. There is […]

Tweet It is a known fact of the last year that consumer electronic companies were putting in every effort to push out and increase sales in the 3D television market. However, beyond this reasonable effort, there are concerns over the effect the hardware might have on the human visual system. […]


Tweet Ready for tonight’s hockey game in 3D? Cablevision, one of the cable tv providers teamed up with RealD to provide 3D programming and will debut with tonight’s hockey game in 3D from Madison Square Garden. With the news that Samsung and other players are soon to introduce 3D tv’s […]


Tweet Want to play a 3D game without having to put on those big 3D glasses? Well Nintendo is the answer to your prayers. The company says the handheld 3D DS will do just that which will be launched in Japan by the end of March 2011.