Tweet This is good! Scientists reportedly developed a new solar cell that is able to mimic the photosynthetic systems found in plants in order to repair itself. Scientists used carbon nanotubes and DNA to develop an approach that is aimed at increasing the life span of solar panels and reducing […]

Tweet Scientists are altering lands by creating rain in the Middle East. The Price of Abu Dhabi brought in some scientists who now claim are able to generate a series of downpours in the desert! Scientists say about 50 rains were created just last year in the eastern Al Ain […]


Tweet Scientists and Physicists colaborating from the University of Toronto and Rutgers University claimed to have recreated the supernova in a jar! While studying the effects of mixing two reactive chemicals, the physicists discovered a phenomena which mimics the explosion of a supernova┬ábut in a miniature version. The reaction creates […]

Tweet Is this really safe? Scientists are working on newer ways on creating safer renewable energy to address the energy woes of the planet. At the National Ignition Facility in Livermore California, scientists are working on building the world’s first sustainable fusion reactor which they claim would be like “creating […]