Tweet One of the fun features included in Soulcalibur V is the ability to create your own characters. While many of you may have been spending time re-creating fighters in your image, Japanese blog Esuteru took it upon itself to place a number of recognizable characters and people into Namco […]

Tweet The life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has been picked over extensively since his death in October from complications related to pancreatic cancer. Countless news articles, obituaries, remembrances, and, of course, Walter Isaacson’s biography followed in the immediate wake of his passing. Now comes some insight from a more […]

Tweet Its unbelievable, but Steve Job’s final words were “Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow”, according to his biological sister and novelist Mona Simpson. She revealed this in an Oct. 16 eulogy she delivered that was published Sunday in The New York Times. Mona Simpson and Steve Jobs first met […]

Tweet The report by 60 minutes on CBS brought in lot of new information. Issacson who wrote the book about Steve Jobs after conducting many interviews said that the legends met one last time before Steve’s death. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates met close to his final days where the […]

Tweet It truly is sad as the world has lost a thinker, a innovator and a business man who brought back the dieing Apple to be the world’s most profitable company. Some of the most prominent figures in the tech industry as well as politicians offered their condolences to Mr. […]

Tweet Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs’s yesterday in a company wide email said that he was resigning from the post as the CEO of Apple and would be taking over to be the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Tim Cook, the former chief operating officer will be the new CEO […]

Tweet It is being reported today that Apple was working on smaller and less expensive iPhones to be sold along with the main iPhone product. Apple is also planning a complete overhaul of its MobileMe and Apple’s online storage service. Wall Street Journal reported today and said that Apple sees […]