Tweet These days every app you use grabs your location and gives you location based customized search results and ads. Its not just apps but internet and even IPTV are using your location to know where you are and show location based content. Don’t be too thankful to the latest […]

Tweet Scientists are claiming a breakthrough towards same-sex couples having their own genetic children. Scientists have produced male and female mice from two fathers using stem cell technology. Scientists say this was the first time a species of mammals were tested on and could also be a step towards preserving […]

Tweet It is well known that technology depreciates in value with time. Todays iPad worth $499 might be worth $50 in about 5 years. Technology is moving at a lighting pace but some inventions remain price less. Like we had reported about the Apple’s first motherboard which was auctioned for […]

Tweet Its April 1st, yes and unlike all others no we won’t try to fool you, promise but I bring to you some of the funny stuff around the net. 1. AROMATOGRAPHY- A sensory experience – Kodak Looks like the april fool’s team at Kodak did get the best of […]

Tweet Since Oracle’s acquisition of Sun, changes were imminent. Solaris 10, the official stable version of Sun’s UNIX operating system is no longer¬†free. The users have to now purchase a contract. Sun used to offer Solaris for free for commercial use making it a choice for many industries, especially those […]