verizon-fiosLooks like Verizon is miles ahead of Google in offering 1GB Internet connectivity. Verizon tested its 10Gbps symmetrical fiber-optics called FiOS connection at Elks Lodge in Taunton, Massachusetts. The lodge is already a customer of Verizon FiOS and volunteered to be a test site where Verizon engineers demonstrated the 10Gbps Internet connection.

Verizon used a new technology called XG-PON2 at either end of the line. A special Optical Network Terminal was installed at the lodge which could offer 10 separate gigabit Ethernet links or one dedicated 10G connection. During the field test, Verizon connected the 10G Internet connection to a 10G Ethernet card equipped PC.

The team transferred a 2.3GB demo movie over the connection which took a mere four seconds to copy. However Verizon said that the field test was just a proof-of-concept and that it might take some time to get this technology to your door step.

All this is good but who would really need a 10Gbps Internet connection to home?

Check out the video.