Adobe is coming at us with some shockers! Adobe earlier reported that it was canceling development of mobile Flash but now a new report came that it will end it for TV’s as well. The company will continue to support the products out there but there will no more Flash TV apps! GigaOM reported that Adobe will ask hardware TV makers to build their own apps and not on Flash. Adobe also hinted that Google TV took a wrong focus on the web by deploying Flash.

“We believe the right approach to deliver content on televisions is through applications, not a web browsing experience, and we will continue to encourage the device and content publishing community down that path,” Adobe said. Flash was recently launched on LG TVs but with little success. Google TV has been the major user for Flash until now and looks like it will have to soon give up on it.Google TV 2.0 actually has more of a native apps approach rather than Flash apps on it.

Some products such as Boxee Box will not be affected by this, they will continue to use desktop-level Flash through the web which is shown on the TV.